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Whitepaper Writing Services

Whitepaper Writing Services

Very often, the development, creation, and writing of a whitepaper can be a very daunting task. It is not just a mere collection of words, but rather, it is a compilation of your ideas, or solutions which you have to offer to your customers, and even potential ones also. Really, in the end it becomes a selling tool in which you can show case your knowledge to the rest of the world. Therefore, the ability to take words and sentences and translating as to how somebody can benefit is an art in of itself. This is a talent, that we at BiometricNews.net™, Inc. offer to you. We have experience in writing whitepapers, and presenting those words and sentences into benefits SME’s can enjoy. We have been published worldwide, and a sampling of our whitepapers can be seen at the “Publications” tab.

There are two ways in which we can help you with your white paper needs:

1) Actually writing the entire paper from scratch;

2) Taking a white paper you already have and optimizing it to the needs of your customers.

  • We will first discuss with you (either via phone or e-mail) your exact writing needs. After this initial conversation, we will then send an e-mail describing the collateral (for example, product brochures, website content, previous publications, other information sources, etc.) we will need in order to compile your white paper, as well as a contract (which will set for the work required and the exact fee to be paid).
  • Upon receipt of this collateral, we will then start to develop your whitepaper. The length of time required to write and complete it will of course, depend upon the content involved, and how extensively the topic needs to be written. The time frame will be discussed in the initial conversation.
  • Upon completion of the white paper we will then send you copy of it (via e-mail), for your review and to make any edits, changes, additions to content, etc.
  • The required changes will be made, and the final paper sent to you again (via e-mail).
  • There is no flat fee for our white paper writing services. The fee will depend upon the extent of the work required, and will be given in the written contract. Half payment is required in order for us to initiate our services, and the other half of the payment will be required after the completion of our services.
  • We have an open door policy with our writing services. You are welcome to call us, or e-mail us to inquire about the status of your whitepaper.

Optimization of Exisiting Whitepaper

  • We will also have an initial conversation to discuss the white paper you already have, and in what ways you to change it and enhance it (the optimization process).
  • After this conversation, we will send an e-mail detailing the collateral we will need in order to optimize your white paper, as well as the contract.
  • Upon the first payment, we will then start to work on your white paper. We will review it at length, and in a separate document, we will offer our suggestions (which will be newer content in terms of paragraphs, sentences, rewording of certain sentences, etc.). Our suggestions will be sent to you via e-mail, and how we plan to incorporate it into your white paper.
  • Pending your approval, we will then incorporate our optimization suggestions into your white paper.
  • After this is complete, we will then send you the revised white paper for your final approval.
  • After completion of services, the second half of the payment is required.
  • Please note that are technical writers-we are not graphic artists. Therefore, if your white paper requires new images to be created, or other graphics, it is urged you contact a business or organization which can meet your needs (such as a web design company).

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January 10, 2017

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