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The Gemini Module Camera

Gemini module camera is the world‘s ­first long-range, dual iris scanning OEM module at extended capture range of 55 cm.

Face (optional) and dual iris scanning with one single CMOS sensor to keep the solution cost effective.

With side-gazing of ± 25 degrees, Gemini removes the need of aligning the eye to the camera; therefore, users only need to glance simply at the screen.

Gemini module consists of two separate parts which allow maximum ‑exibility for users’ testing and development: Gemini-core 1.0 and sample host system.


  1. Gemini-core 1711LQ55 is a small form-factor module storing up to 10,000 templates (expandable up to 200,000 IDs) and versatile to various application sectors, which leverages the use of Gemini in local recognition or in heterogeneous system.
  2. Sample host system is an embedded system utilizing compact and popular Raspberry Pi, which aims to relieve users’ development burden, provide proper guidance for easy setup and full control of display screen.