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Technical Documentation Writing Services

Technical Documentation Writing Services

In the world of complex things, trying to break something down, understanding it, and conveying what it all means can be a very difficult task. This is especially true in the Information Technology world. Trying to find somebody who can understand all of that techno jargon and distill to a level to which even the person in the street can understand takes a very special talent, and can be considered a very unique gift to have. We, at BiometricNews.net™, Inc. possess this gift. This is best exemplified of course, by our Biometric News reporting services. But our talents just do not lie there. They also lie in most other areas of Information Technology. Our technical writers have an extensive background, in fact, 15 years worth. They have been exposed to all facets of IT. So, whether your writing needs are for Biometrics, or Network Security, or even Web Design, we can handle all that techno jargon and write to a level that your customers and sales prospects will understand, we guarantee, within the first read of the content.

Here is a sampling of what we can do for you in terms of technical documentation:

  • User’s manual: Do you have a software development, software application, or even a hardware user’s guide that is extremely technical , and something like 1,000+ pages long? Is it the case that you need to bring these many pages and bring it down to perhaps just 10 pages so that your end user’s can understand it? Or is it possible you just want to condense these tons of pages, distill down to just a few and put up as web pages on your corporate intranet? Well, this is one of our chief specializations at BiometricNews.net™, Inc. Whatever complex IT documentation or user’s manuals you have, we can distill it down to the most important facts, and at a level that anybody can understand.
  • Writing instructions for a software application: Do you have something like this and need the instructions written on how to use it, without reference to the long manual? Well, let us put our 15+ years of experience in IT work for you.

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January 10, 2017

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