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Article and Copy Writing Services

Article and Copy Writing Services

In today’s online world, attaining sales leads and converting them into actual sales is a very daunting task. Gone are the days of traditional print advertising, in magazines and newspapers, or for that matter, visiting clients door to door. In today’s world of social media, generating sales lead has taken an entirely different avenue-which is known as “online lead generation”. With this new avenue of attaining sales leads, a business often relies upon the use of an article for attention getting. Here is how the process works:

  • You submit an article and the appropriate copy to an online lead generation business;
  • Your article/copy gets downloaded, and the people who have downloaded that particular article become sales prospects;
  • These sales prospects (or sales leads) are then transmitted to you by the lead generation company.

However, there is a strong correlation between positive lead generation and article/copy which has been written. In other words, the stronger the article/copy, the better the response rate to it. At BiometricNews.net™, Inc., we have substantial experience with writing articles and copy for online lead generation. We know what to write to get the “biggest bang for your buck”. In this regard, our specialty is in writing articles and copy for IT companies and organizations, whom are exploring online lead generation. But apart form this, we can also write for you whether they will simply be posted on an online library at your website, or if it will be published in a journal. We can fulfill these needs as well. As detailed in the Whitepaper Writing Services, the same payment and writing scheme applies here as well.


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January 10, 2017

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